About This Movement

The Purpose of This Movement

The purpose of this movement is to help to alleviate the inadequate supply of oxygen in hospitals in Indonesia and to support the government in ensuring effective distribution of oxygen supplies. KBRI and our partners invite you to support this movement by donating here.

Why This Movement

As Covid-19 cases in Indonesia continue to rise, we need to unite together and act quickly in providing as much support as we can to provide help where it is needed. It is our honour as IndoTech SG community to support KBRI Singapura in this cause, with the strong support of Indonesian Professional Association, Kawal COVID-19, and other strong community organizations.

Through close collaboration with multiple capable partners, we can get the right resources to the places where they are most needed, and provide much-needed visibility to the movements of funds for the public view. We hope we can play a small part to help minimize the number of deaths caused by asphyxiation due to the virus COVID-19, and putting the public’s minds at ease at the same time.

What Can I Do to Support

During these unprecedented times, we're asking the community for donation. There is no moment to waste and your help is needed urgently. Every life saved is a victory for humanity and beloved Indonesia.

The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore always supports the aspirations and positive movements of the community. Let's unite against COVID-19!

How Is This Movement Being Tracked

Progress of amount collected, units ordered and delivered can be viewed directly on this website.

Movement by IndoTech SG

IndoTech SG is a non-profit community of Singapore-based Indonesian professionals working in the Tech Industry. Our goal is to nurture a sense of community amongst its members by focusing on networking, upskilling, and giving back to the community.

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