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As a form of concern for the current situation in Indonesia, the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore (KBRI Singapura), under the leadership of Ambassador Suryapratomo, seeks help from the Indonesian diaspora (and the rest of the world) to help overcome COVID-19 in Indonesia.

To our friends and family, during these unprecedented times, we're asking the community and for your support to donate. There is no moment to waste and your help is needed urgently. Every life saved is a victory for humanity and beloved Indonesia.

All donations will be used to purchase oxygen concentrators to help hospitals. Progress and results of the project can be monitored directly on this website.

Let's unite against COVID-19!

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Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia in Singapore (KBRI) and IndoTech SG are in collaboration with Kemenkes Indonesia in delivering the procured oxygen concentrators to hospitals in need. Here are the overall process.

Apart from that, there are other companies that facilitates in making this happen:

  • Durianpay - Payment provider in Indonesia, one stop solution for checkout, promos, recon and more.
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